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Simple japanese movies (with kana subtitles)

Does anyone know anime or other kind of japanese movies which are very simple to understand?


It would be really nice if I could watch japanese movies with kana subtitles.



I think that "Sazae-san" is good for you.

"Sazae-san" is a long lunning animation in Japan.

We can read it by Manga comics.


I add a youtube link of "Sazae-san".

ooh yes, arigatou :D. This is really something for me. For small children, easy to understand hahaha. Do you also know if there are movies with only Kana subtitles?

First You need to get the raw subtitles in Japanese

go here for dorama:

or here for anime:


Then convert them to Kana using this service:

You can also specify a file with Kanji/Jukugo that You don't wish to convert, like the ones You already know. Any kind of separators used between each Kanji/Jukugo will do.


If some show is not synchronized with the subtitles, because there is a high chance the subtitles were captured from TV stream, it's likely there are dialogues which don't exist in your video version (like TV ads). Then, You need to synchronize them:

1 - convert them in

2 - use Aegisub to synchronize the converted file with the video file, removing also the dialogues which don't exist in your video version

3 - remove the same dialogues from the raw file

4 - with Subtitle Workshop, open the new raw file, then go to "Edit/Timings/Read timings from file" and select the synchronized file

5 - convert the synchronized raw file in and You're ready to go


have fun!

Carlos amigo, thank you very much! You seem to know this into quite deep detail. I will do your method for sure. However, one thing is still a question mark for me. How do I get the movies/anime themselves? Should I download them from some special place?

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