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Hey guys, whos gona help me learn Italian ??:) 

I can also help you with your english :) much appreciate :) 




hello , my Skype address is claudio.ciavaroli1 ... I have to improve my English knowledge ... ciao Claudio

hello my name is Ivana and i m trying to improve my english, if you need to learn italian i will help you..
my skype address is ivana.convertini.
A presto!

Hi everyone! I'd like to have a Skype conversation with anyone to improve my english! If There is someone who want to learn italian, he is welcome!

My address is Mirkoroger..... Add me! 




If still interested I want to improve English, and I'm a native Italian Speaker !


How has been spoken by other friends here, i would like to improve my english skills...if you want, mi id on skype is HONGO.83....I am from Naple....


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