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learn Nepali for my bf

happy valentine's day everyone.but my bf and me r not in the same place.

i want to learn some Nepali to surprise him.and i know he is learning Cantonese for me too.


any friends want to learn Chinese? i know both mandarin and cantonese well.

let's be friends!



hi..if you need the help,maybe i can least we are try...nepali language..i'm also still learning this language...


Hi. I can teach you. What is it that you want to tell your boyfriend? Let me know. I am trying to learn Korean. Just joined today. Still trying to figure out how this works. Ofcourse I want free lessons lol. I see you know both Mandarin and Cantonese. I livr in Hong Kong but know none of those. Have never been really interested. If you could introduce someone who couod teach me Korean for free that would be great. ^_^

Wow made a few typos there. Please ignore. Typing on phone is always a problem lol.

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