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Why are you still single?

So, why are you still single?Smile 

Expecting an honest answer from you.



because i am child nowLaughing

Answer is easy for this question. If you thougt a lot for marriage definetly you are single and you will be single,  otherwise you are married. I advise to all single to get marry without thinking a lot. There is nothing will change if you think a lot. Your spouse is your destiny and you will not able to change your destiny. So, don't think a lot, today ask a marriage to your friend and get married in a month:).

And get devorced in a month and a week?Laughing


because I haven't met "Mr.Right" yet Smile

I remember I read a book that talking about where ring comes from.

It is not the meaning what we think. Think about the words in chinese word for word.

It seemed that I had not been paying attention to it. Think about that now. I think I am lucky did not be attracted by it

Didi. what chinese words?would you like to share with us?

I actually can not remeber. I read that book from a book which talk about ancient ceremony. I meant the chinese words "戒指". Especially 戒

I think it is like indian nose ornament. The meaning seem to be changed.


No, no. It is not true. Divorcing people generally has a long time relationship or vice versa. I can bet for this issue. Trust me, whenever you know eachother, how long relationship have you got, after the marriage you will understand that your friend is a different one who you couldn't know before. The long-time marriage is not related to know that couples knows eachother very well. Shortly, If you or your friend is happy to be single, don't get marry; if you need a family, not life time soul friend only family and children, get marry. Don't wait.

Because I like my freedom.

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