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What was the most beautiful moment in your life?

For me, when my fiance proposed me.



for me the most beautiful moment has not arrived yet or perhaps I don't remember it:))


Havent experienced any yet, maybe when I broke up with my ex..lolx.. just kidding.


Hehe, BUD, I hope you can find the girls of your dreams  :D

Oh, sorry. It should be "the girl of you dreams'' not girls

I dont really dream about girls. If a girl come into my dreams, I consider it as a nightmare.




Hehehehe. :D


Hmmmm, if you don't dream about girls, so I wish you found Miss Right.

Sailing boat in mediterraneo sea...?



Wow. It must be sooo interesting. I love to go boating. Nice experience!

For me, I think it was the first time I ever had a real Spanish conversation! For me it feels amazing to speak and understand a language after you work hard and study it. :D

It was an exciting experience!

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