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German movies !

I'm not sure you guys felt same as me..Personally, I feel a bit awkard when I watch German movies.


For example, The movie called stalingrad. That actress who acted Russian soldier was a bit weird at acting...I mean the scene that arguing with German soldiers that I was like 'Hmmm should I keep watch this? '


I also watched miracle of berlin , The lives of others ,So weit die Fube tragen and bagdad cafe >_> and I felt something strange that I'm watching an amatuer playing .It's hard to explain...


My friends told me it is because I'm not used to German language. Personally  I think it influenced on me a bit because It's hard to watch German movies here . I've never seen German movies on the theatre except some American-German movies. 



I guess, I have to learn German more harder ! ^0^ I hope I could used to German language so that I dont feel awkward  in the near future >_> ! 
















I have the same probleme !!


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