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icelandic practice


Would anyone like to practice their Icelandic with me? Having a native speaker would of course be great, but I'd love to get in contact with other learners too ;-) Do not hesitate to contact me. 




(sigh...) I guess it's my fate as an Icelandic learner to remain lonely and neglected



seriously, though, just ask if you want to practice!

Hey ! I am also learning Icelandic and looking for some people to progress with :)


The fact is.. my level is not really great.. :/



I'm learning icelandic too. And I would love to have someone to pratice with.

If you're still interested.


Sure, I'd love to! I'll be back from vacation in a week, I'll send you a message then :-) 

That would be wonderful. :) 


I am also always looking for people to practice Icelandic with :) Don't hesitate to message me!


Is this still on?

I love Icelandic and would love to learn it and this looks like a good thing to sign up for.

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