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Could anyone refer me to some interesting texts with audio? I would prefer authentic material, ie not beginner dialogues. 


I have seen some interesting stuff on librivox (knut hamsun, ibsen, etc.), but I fear the vocabulary might be a bit to archaic and complex for my level (can a native give his opinion here? - is norwegian literature from that time really hard to read?)


Also, if a native speaker would have the generosity of recording (through "vocaroo", for example) a short text for me (I will send it to him/her), I would be extremely grateful


Thank you!




Can't really help you find materials as I wouldn't know where to look.


The best way to gauge Hamsun/Ibsen is just to try it and see if you can follow it. The vocabulary is pretty archaic, yeah, so not super relevant to modern Norwegian, but whether that's a drawback depends on your interests.


I can make a recording for you though, if you like.


Thanks a lot! I'll send you a message

Maybe this site can be of any help :)

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