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What can you tell me about studying abroad ?




Hello Adam: It is such a general question that I do not know how to begin. I do feel this way though, for people generally. I think it is important to have some friend that you can turn to for help. This is especially so if you have a bad or unpleasant experience of any kind. It think being in a strange country, and experiencing cold and unfeeling people can be particularly devastating to one's Psyche. I am currently mentoring at least a couple of foreign students in the US this way. Even though they live in distant cities from me. I continually check up on them to make sure that they have a "human" connection. The language barrier can really be a cause of powerful isolation for a foreign student. Many times, humanity makes a fundamental mistake, in that they assume that nobody around them is every in a crisis mode. That simply is not true. There are people around us all the time that are at risk, owing to the lack of some bridge which can be created to transcend the transpersonal barrier. ---Warm Regards, Bruce

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