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"in the story" or "on the story"?


May I ask the difference between "in the story" and "on the story"?

It's a little bit confusing to me ^^;

thank you to everyone for answering my question.



in the story

Here's the best I could do for an explanation (in 2 parts >< ), I hope it helps ^^

In the story

You're likely going to either talk about something that describes what is happening within a story, or stating a fact that's in the story.


 - Nothing like that happened in the story that I was told.

- I came across an unusual phrase in the story.

- There are real and made up locations used in the story.


On the story

I'd say you're rarely going to use this one, it does get said but in all honesty it's not what I come across daily. The difference with this one is, I find, it gets used more by the News: When they refer to reporters being on the story or other people on the story, and an example being:
- We have (name) in (location) on the story, let's see what (he/she) can tell us.


Another context you may hear it in is when an author or editor or whoever is working on the story, taking the meaning of they're in the middle of writing it up.

thank you for your explanation ^^

you are very helpful :*

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