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手 [shǒu]


手 [shǒu]

Shape : pictograph of a hand.
Forme : pictogramme d'une main.

Ideas : hand, technique, handyness, human ressources, redacted by hand.
Idées : main, technique, caractère pratique (“sous la main”), main d'oeuvre, rédigé à la main.

左手 : left hand. Main gauche.
揮手 : wave hand. Faire un signe de la main.
失手 : let slip, lose control. Laisser échapper, perdre le contrôle.
手法 : technique, hand skill. Technique, dextérité.
手册 : handbook, booklet. Livret, fascicule.
人手 : manpower, labor force. Main d'oeuvre, force de travail.
手令 : personal order signed by hand. Ordre personnel signé à la main.



揮手 in china we say 挥手告别,say byebye~

失手means you do not focus on something,for example ,vous faites la cuisine but you think other issues at same time,you will cut you fingers ,so 你失手切到了你的手指.i dont think lost control is a good answer.



thank you for your advice. This is because I found this : 他失手打了哥哥 on失手/1313621




He lost control and hit his brother.

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