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What are the most popular Russian foods? :D




When I was in Russia, I found the following food the most popular: Pelmeni Dumplings filled with meat or cheese Borscht Beetroot soup with vegetables, beef and dollops of sour cream. Bliny These pancakes--traditionally made from buckwheat flour-- with butter and sour cream or pickled fish and caviar. Rye Bread Herrings Baked, dried, fried, pickled or salted, herrings rate as a favorite fish on Russian tables, frequently offered as part of a "zakuska," a version of "small bites," similar to Spanish tapas. Pickles Russians have made pickling a high art, preserving beets, cucumbers, mushrooms and other fruits of the land for a taste of summer in the cold grip of winter. Beef Stroganoff A dish of beef, mushrooms and sour cream. Potato Salad Made with cold boiled potatoes, vegetables, onions, hard-boiled eggs and mayonnaise serve as the salad's foundation, with chicken, carrots, peas and apples often added. Piroshki Small yeast dough buns stuffed with different ingredients like cheeses, fish, meats, mushrooms and potatoes.

Пельмени, манты

Popular Russian food - soup (a borsch, a rassolnik, a mushroom soup), pies, pelmeni, cutlets, mashed potatoes, pancakes, salads ("a herring under a fur coat", a winter salad).


Everything with meat and definitely the most popular food in Russia is vodka :))


Приходит Илья Муромец в ресторан и заказывает ведро водки. Подходит к нему официант и спрашивает:
- А что же вы кушать будете?
- А вот ее родимую и буду кушать


I think it's fried potatoes and mashed potatoes, different meat dishes and dishes of chicken, salads, pies.. pasta also is very popular in Russia, by the way..usually it's eaten with chees or sousages. And some fish dishes are popular, especially salted and preserved fish. And Russians eat much of bread - with soups, with honey, with jam, with wurst and so on

...and sometimes McDonalds))

I know that the russian girls use only onions in them dishes...

It's wright?

Now (on this week) popular food are blini (pancake or flapjack) because we celebrate Maslenitca (Shrovetide).

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