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Who have solution ?

Please help me! I can read,translate and sometimes I can speak a little. But when I hear english talk I do not understand no words.How I can fight with problem?



Hi Odri!

I have this problem too.

My pravitе teacher told me to listen adapted audiobooks.

At first it's very difficult,

but after some time you will understand better and better.

As she says "Need to improve your hearing"

i have the same problem as you odri and it seems that the solution that eva told you is the best to improve our hearing


And I agree with you.It is very difficult at first.I need more patienceFrown

You should try to watch english series, they have simple english. And download the subtitles in your language or in english (it's more difficult).

first you should learn english pronanciation via links on youtube,it s very good

2nd listen to audio books

3rdwatch english series 

4th be patiant :)

i do that all the day to fight this problem:(

hello!dont worry about it...i want to say that I also had the same problem, but now everything is changed...why???because I listen to English radio station...but not those where people just sing ...i listen  discussion on different topics...and it really helps me...just try!!!

Thaks to all for the help!

I am a native Irish/English speaker currently learning spanish and i have the same problem as you. listening to spanish on youtube is ok but native spanish speakers speak very quickly and i find it difficult to understand.

to help with yoyr english try listening to the BBC they have many good speakers. good luck.


Don't feel bad.  When I first moved to the Canary Islands, for the first time in my life I was exposed to British people on a regular basis.  In the beginning, there were some who I just could not understand. Can you imagine, English is my native tongue and couldn't understand what people speaking English were saying?  I kept asking them to repeat what they said and it was quite embarrassing at first.  Finally, I just admitted to my British friends that I couldn't understand them sometimes because of their accent and they thought it was so funny! After after that, it was a big joke amongst us. Many Britsh people have a great sense of humor.

What finally happened was after being around them for a while, my ear started to learn the nuances and stresses they put into their speech and I finally understood most of what was said. So, you just have to expose yourself to listening to people with British accents speak, as mentioned above.  Eventually it will click for you.

I find that listening to a podcast helps learn my language.  I find one short podcast--about 5-8 minutes--and I listen several times.  After listening 5 times, I understand a lot more.

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