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how long it took to learn English

If a few years .. How long can use English fluently ..



Actually, it depends on how hard you're going to study... Anyway, even if you study really hard, like 2-3 hours every day, it will take not less than 1 year just to get ready to start speaking. Fluency will come later - maybe after 2 more years! )) Learning a language is really an "organic" process. You can slow it down or even stop, but you can't make it go faster! It takes 90 days to grow potatoes, no matter how many times you water and cultivate it... So, if you wanna have success, take your time and be patient!

In my opinion there is no rule, how much time you need to speak a foreign language fluently. It depends on your motivation, perseverance and diligence. I can agree that to start to speak, you need more or less 1 year. It's really important to do not be affraid of talking with other people, everybody makes mistakes, especially in the beginning..

yah .. Thank you for your comments .. it helped

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