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What in life are you afraid of?




What in life are you afraid of?



As a human, you gains a lot of things, such as life, parents, friends,money, opportunities,toys and so on. Meanwhile, when you are growing up,you will lost manys things ,such as health body, young face, parents, friends. So  time is the best and worest gift in the life. Anyway, cherish what you have now.

I agree.

I fear my life will become tedious; it will turn into a mundane routine. 

1. Being on my death bed and thinking about all the things I should have done, could have done but did not do because of laziness.


2. Not finding love or being loved.


3. Large angry dogs!

I am afraid of death and missing my family :(

When the U.S.A says to Briton we cannot sell you any more food. As we need our food for our own people. As you know we cannot feed ourselfs in Britain and we will soon have 80 million mouths to feed.

Hi Maria


I have scared of the solitude

Cancer scares me but I'm afraid of snakes, they freak me out!


I'm scared of failure, cats, & gaining weight. 

losing close friend.

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