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What does it mean to get old?


How do you feel about getting old?

Are you scared of losing your youth?

Or do you think that every age has its advantages and one should enjoy them?






If you mean it biologically, yeah I'm afraid of getting old and not being able to do my chores without others' help or worse than that I'm afraid of being really dependant on guys who just tolerate me. But there are lots of old guys who lead a healthy and joyous life and that's great.

But geneerally when I hear the word "old" I think of being young but having an old despondant heart and I think that being old in this sense happens to many people before their body get old

I was thirty years old last sunday and I am feeling really upset. It's more about the number than how I am physically. It means that it is a mental state that causes frustation. Obviously we can't do the same thinks we did when we where teenagers but it's important not to loose our costumes and not allow our couples destroy our social life.  I say this because i am fed up seeing how my friends are becoming more and more boring meanwhile I am getting through.

Maybe we should enjoy it. :)

I isa rule of nature...

Of course you have to enjoy every day while you can. But still it is scary to think you're getting older and are not able to do everything as you used to. There are still many things you would like to do but you just run out of time.

I don't want to be 20 again, but 40 would be quite nice. I dare say this sounds weird for most of younger people...

I think we should enjoy them, beacause there will be enaugh happy times in old years :)


Je dirais en Français : "à chaque âge ses plaisirs et ses peines ! L'optimiste trouve des plaisirs à 80 ans, le pessimiste trouve des peines à 20 ans"

It's not easy but we should enjoy. Every age has her own positives and negatives points.


i haven't scare of old age....This part of our life must to be accepted with its positive and negative aspects. But the most important thing is to live it in quite and serene way.....


слишком много думаете )

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