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what do you think about the new look of Italki?


Hello, Congratulation for us, and thanks for everybody who have made the design of the website. It's really awesome!

I like it because it's too easy for now login on phone or "tablette" to see everything!

I also like the different constructions which they have done "messages, sessions, profile!". Anyway I like the changes. Hope they'll also work for the chat groups. It could be helpful to communicate with somebody when they'll be online.


What do you think about the new version of Skype?



it's nice change. So easy for use.


sorry about something I have written it in a wrong way

What do you think about the new version of Skype Italki?

Perhaps because I was thinking about skype that's why ^^.


Perhaps Alexadra, but I think it sounds good for who are using Iphone or Ipaid, for me I am using "sumsung" (tablette) but in last, it was little difficult for me to check out an article or it's slow to open it.

Only thing, it has some little problems when i have chose French, I couldn't refresh my page to go back to view my profile. Therefore, I think they didn't finish working on, it's not too simple to make a good service on a website, I said that because I am developper, and I know how hard is. :)


no it looks so old ... same as past ... so boring

I agree with Alexandra. It is now difficult to follow the people you 'Follow'.


Where can I find the entries that my friends have writen ? I could see them on page

Now I can find them.


Now I can'T find them.


What's the point of making friends if I can't see what they have write ?


I agree with "alexandra". That's worse than before;(

I dont like it at all

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