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Do you think everyone appreciates your honesty?



I think it depends on what kind of people who listen to you. If they are honest people by themselves, they likely appreciate your own honesty. If they aren't quite honest, they don't appreciate you, maybe.

If you want an appreciate in return for your honesty, you always can be disappointed. In my wiev, honesties must be done without waiting in return. Finally people might be appreciate to your honesty, but if you want instant appreciate, you get people under obligation and you will be unsympathetic. There is a Turkish idiom: Do goodness, then thrown it to sea; if fish doesn't appreciate it, don't worry, God does.

Yes i believe so but then again there are some who dnt 

oh hers a quote from a fortune cookie "Never give advice to a wise man or a fool. Why? 

because a wise man doesnt need it and fool will never take it" It goes some what like that.

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