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Why do you study Japanese?


Japanese language is very difficult.

There are many tipes of characters,grammer rules,pronounciations...

And There are few jobs for forriners by severe ressetions.

And Society institutions and Some Japanese people aren't tender for foriners.

I've been found foriners who lives hard in Japan.

What is a attracted point you want to study Japanese.





Well, Its just like America, when it comes to people being hard. In fact we are alot crueler. Same thing goes for jobs little by little as time goes by so does jobs. Same thing goes for rules in fact people say english is the hardest language to learn due to the fact of different rules. Its the fact you can communicate to another human being from another place. You can also explore another world. Its just nice learning another language. That just me. Im sure there alot more reasons, but yea.

The most difficult language I think it's russian and chinese. russian because of grammar rules. It's really have the most difficult gramatic in the world. Chinese it's because of pronounciations and so much kanji that you need to know...I may answer why in my country some people want to learn. First of all - it's because a lot of japanese firms are in Moscow. They pay a god salary that's why some people decided to learn this language. second - it's translaters, for example books from japanese into russian. and of course at the end - it' fans of anime, manga, dorama, j-rock and all this stuff.

A lot of people began to learn language to understand all (music, book) by themselves because as you know translators may make mistakes and to translate not so good too.=)


日本語には多くの歴史を持って、日本の歴史がとても面白くて、日本の作家の小説は西洋文学と違います。例えば、夏目 漱石とか谷崎 潤一郎とか森 鴎外とか幸田 露伴とか石川 淳とか芥川 龍之介など天才です。

When I was living in Japan, I made a lot of good Japanese friends, and never had to suffer from rude behaviour from Japanese people. There are actually a lot of jobs for foreigners in foreign companies based in Japan, but you need to speak Japanese fluently :)

I am just learning Japanese for fun. It is literally a hobby, I enjoy it!

But still, I only just began a few weeks ago. I know a few words and sentenses, but I want to learn more. 

Still, there is another reason. I am very fascinated by the japanese culture, and I want to travel alot to Japan in the future. And then it would help alot to understand the language, and actually be able to use it :)


Post your memo and I'll correct it.Almost Indians in Japan are Indian chef or engineer.

I was amazed because I've been thought your country is open for foreigners
and I hear the stock market price is highest now.
I'm convinced with your opinion,and I hope your language study is go well.

I don't know that there are many Japanese farms in your country.
I know Japanese pop culture is popular in your country.And I can't believe that.
Unfortunately, J-rock,Visual kei,is not popular in Japan.


Our government try to a financial policy. And if it succeed,it will be a weak yen.
You should come my country after.

I tried a while back , but the 50k or so number of kanji really killed it for me, even more when I learned that the japanese people don't even learn all of these characters themselves.

I love like japanese sounds. And I'm happy when I'm listen to japanese songs, and hear words I've known. ^_^
Why J-rock and Visual kei isn't popular in Japan ? What kind of music is popular there ?

Dear Aprende, if I recall correctly there are only 2000 - 2100 kanji you have to know. You are partially right, technically more kanji signs are a part of Japanese language, but they are rarely used and according to japanese law every of the "additional" kanji should be writen with pronuncation described in kana.

At least I think so, I am not an expert ;-)

for understand animes and mangas!! :)


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