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please help me i want to improve my English skills

Hello everyone

I want to improve my english speaking skills. I want to be fluent in english.but my major problem is that i get confused  while speaking in english with someone. please any can help me. we can talk on skype or chat. please help




We can chat any time, hopefully we'll help each other to improve our English :)



thanks for helping me. please follow me so we can see each other online and chat easliy. 


I want to improve my english speaking skills too.If you want, we can help each other.

Hey, im learning enlish too, so we can chat together if you want :)

would you like to speak on skype?

give me your skype i will add you there



i would love to give my skype id but please first follow me as well so we can see each other online andi can send you message and my skype id.:)

I am also learning English. I want to be fluent. If you want my help I can help you. 

Hi Sani,


How are you? I am also looking for a partner to practice my English Language with. I would love to talk to you! :) Take Care.


See ya!

hi,i m rekha from India.I am also prefering voice chat.then only we can improve our fluency.through skype we both will improve.i message u my skype id ok?plz add me if u r intrested.

Hiii if u like to practice your English u can add me at skype as "newbestnew"

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