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How can I learn English without learning?



The most easy, funny and amusing way is through listening to music! it is my personal experience actually, I have learned "and still learning" English through music. You can gain vocabulary  by translating the new words you hear them in the song you are listening to and write it down in your notebook.

That was my vision, hope you all the best :)


thank you)

Your question is like the question 'How can I get slim and thin if I pig out a lot every day?'. There can be other variations of your question - How can I swim without swimming? How can I breathe without breathing?  How can I drink without drinking?  How can I paint without painting?  How can I learn without learning? 

Your question is like the question 'How can I get slim and thin if I pig out a lot every day?'


I suppose Lilia meant how can she learn language without learning by rote. :)

You need to find something you like. For example TV shows or sports. I learned a lot of proverbs, grammar and vocab by watching sports with English commentary.


Always take that with a ggrain of salt though, especially TV shows will use a lot of colloquial speech.

May be you should buy some magic pills which help to have learnt forcibly foreign language during the 24 hours. But be careful don't coufuse destinated language. And of course don't overdose.

 Yes. I meant learning without rote.

Thank you everybody for advices)

Unfortunately it’s too late you must have been born in any English – speaking country and you could have learnt English without learning.

TV shows, cartoons and newspapers can help you to understand the words only. Or it can be used in translation skills (from english to your native language). But english without grammar is nothing.

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