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I want to hear some stereotypes about your country that you think are either accurate or inaccurate and I want to hear the reasoning behind your answer.  These stereotypes can either be positive or negative.  I'll start off with an example.


"Americans are overly materialistic."


In a lot of cases I do agree with this.  I often see teenagers with $200+ headphones on when a much cheaper set would perform the same fucntion.  The only reason they want the more expensive pair is for the social status they will hopefully provide.  I also see a lot of young children that have multiple gaming systems, a tablet, and a cellphone.  Sometimes these children aren't even teenages yet.  These same children will then often complain when they can't buy more things.

On the other hand, I see a lot of Americans that are not like this.  They buy things mostly for their usefulness and are generally very generous with their money and time.  A lot of people I know live resonably and donate a considerable amount of time and money to their communities and charities.



Chinese are overly materialistic. LOL

Chinese are overly take-inism.

It make the phenomenon what you said above as well and can not find out what is useful for themselves. Taking in stuffs, They always complain about it and dont respect it.

But untill some of them consume all, They find they are nothing.

That is good for them to start their journey.

To learn to be a person opposite with them. They seem to be so kind that is why they were not in jail.

To learn that must look after those people they used to be.

But most of them are not willingness


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