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What would you do when your feeling blue?

I would cook something that tastes good .



when I feel blue, I would like to go out, fresh air makes me feel better;

or listening to my favourite songs also helps me change my attitude, I have a playlist for it


Staying alone!!!!!!

I would eat what others would cook when they feel blue, specially when it tastes good :)

No, seriously, I'd go out, watch a movie, talk to a friend most of the time.

i eat chocolate specially nuttela:)

What means "Feeling Blue" for you ? I think I have another concept

i would go out to hotsprings, and drink some tea.

the best go to Japan.

When I feel blue I listen music, my brain looks for comprehension and understandig, so I look a special song with a meanful lyrics for me.

"Blue! you're my boy!!!"





it really depends on what's available. 

If we have some delicious food at home. I'll eat them.

Or maybe listen to music(music from dramas I've watched and they're korean) whether they are sad or jolly songs. 

I think that's all... 


oh! really thats good yr...

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