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What do you think about vegetarianism

, I'm 23 years old woman , i became vegetarian at age 14 and i've never regreted about my decision cuz I feel that everyday i'm loving more the animals

Animals Are friends Not Food.

What do you think eh?



Je deteste la viande, le poisson et le poulet...ils me fait malade. Je la mange jamais. I think that's more or less right.


It's a personal choice and belief, but like religion, I don't think it should be imposed on anyone.
Animals eat other animals, and humans are animals too.


To me, it's mostly a matter of health and balance. I think it's healthier (for us and for the planet) to reduce one's meat consumption to maybe a few times a week. And I've seen many vegetarians have unbalanced, unhealthy diets. I make sure my plate is composed of 50% protein (chicken, fish, eggs, cheese, soy, nuts, legumes), 25% fruits and vegetables and 25% whole-grain product (bread, pasta, rice, cereal, etc.). I cook most of my meals and rarely eat junk food or sweets, including dessert.


Je deteste la viande, le poisson et le poulet... Ils me rendent malade. Je n'en mange jamais. I think that's more or less right.


Will there ever be an editing option on this new system? I meant:

I make sure my plate is composed of 25% protein (chicken, fish, eggs, cheese, soy, nuts, legumes), 50% fruits and vegetables and 25% whole-grain product

Last month in Europe, horse meat was found in ground beef, and year prior, there was "pink slime" in America. You made the correct decision to be a vegetarian.


I'm a weekday vegetarian (it is exactly what it sounds like) for health reasons. I like meat too much to give it up completely.


I've been a vegetarian since I was 11, for ethical reasons, mostly. I really want to go vegan but I need to learn how to cook first, haha.

I agree with Viviane, that every diet should be balanced. However, it is possible to do that without meat consumption.


I try to reduce meat consumption to a minimum, maybe once or twice every week because it is not only about the protein. Many people who have gone vegetarian or vegan suffer from a lack of certain nutrients because they do not know what their body really gains from eating meat.


I can totally understand the ethnical reasons, especially because meat production is hiding some horrible secrets that the industry does not want to be exposed.


On the rare occasions I eat meat, I try to get it from a shop that sells organic meat only.


I don't think being unhealthy is linked to what kind of diet you have (by "diet" I mean vegetarian/vegan/omnivorous). Plenty of people who eat meat and other animal products have shitty diets and aren't even aware of it. It's all about being educated about nutrition. Besides, you can find all the benefits of meat in non-animal products.

I see no problem with people having personal choices in their diet. Unless you become a self-righteous hysterical activist who claims that Super Mario's racoon "suit" is promoting for the use of real fur. lmao


Everybody should be able to have a choice...and not to make a fuss about it if you can maitain the choice. 


Anyway, all I can say is I encourage those starving kids in Afirica to eat meat as much as they want if they actually have a chance to do so.  


It's understanable not to eat meat and being vegeterian. Actually I don't like eating meat a lot. But I'm just saying I don't  like. I'm not saying that animals have soul, so they are similar us that's why I don't eat meat. I don't understand why vegeterians claim that all the animals are their friend and that's why they don't eat meat. It is ridicilous to me. Because all the vegetables have a soul too. They born, raise and die. But they soul are different from animals. Are animals have same soul? No. Insects, fishs, reptiles and the other animals all have big differencies from others as soul, wildness, brain activities, etc. Why are sheeps and cows our friends, similar human being and fishs are not our friends? Vegeterianism is a kind of diet style, not belief, musn't be belief. So, Vegeterians aren't able to accuse the other people who like to eat meat.



"all the vegetables have a soul too."

Plants don't have a nervous system. What do you feel closer to as a human being, a dog or a Brussels sprout? I mean seriously, enough with the trolling. 


Vegetables aren't tortured like animals are in the meat industry. I'm a vegetarian and I believe there's nothing wrong about animals eating other animals -- what's wrong is the way animals are bred, raised, tortured their whole life and then slaughtered. It's *completely* unnatural, unecological and unnecessarily cruel. THAT's what most vegetarians disagree with. (And by the way, vegetarians don't eat fish). I'm afraid a lot of people don't understand vegetarianism at all...It is a way of life and a belief, it's about not inflicting unnecessary pain to other living beings who, for a fact, feel pain in the exact same way we do.


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