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How do you like italki's new look?

I love it. seems more smooth.

I miss the search box though.

What do you think of our new look?



Not really loving it, I liked the old version better.

Hey Wind and Aprende,


My name is Sam, I'm the community manager at italki.


I handle all of the social media, the blog, and I try to personally respond to every support request.


We appreciate your feedback on the new version of the site.  If you'd like to make sure that your voices are heard, make sure you email us with suggestions and changes at


We understand that this new version of the site has a lot of bugs and we're currently very busy trying to fix all of them.


If we can't get a response out to a support request, just know that we have seen what you have to say and are seriously considering it.  Keeping our users and teachers and students happy is our #1 priority right now.  So make sure you let us know what's on your minds!!

Not bad at all! 

No problems with it, except for the "last seen"/"last active" feature. They're gone now. 

yes, the search bos was gone too. But it wasn't that helpful to me. I haven't used it once. ^^

And the activities tab in our profiles..

I would like to see activities including our comments and discussions.. :)

The old format of Italki was much better than this new one. I can't see my friends birthday anymore, or their latest activities in the home page. Before the site got up-graded, I was able to see the latest activities my friends had, so I could easily comment on my friends' post, saw their latest question, or discussion. But now, everything has changed. I wonder how I can realize my friends birthday or their latest activities? It is really difficult to check all my friends profile to see whether they have written a new notebook entry or had another activity. In the past, I directly went to Italki homepage and see my friends activity or birthday notification.

I can't even see my other activities in my profile, like my comments under my friends' posts, or discussion. I don't like the changes Italki has done. How can I get used to this new format? The old format was much easier to follow. The old format was easier to read others posts as well. I think it was also much  easier to get corrections, or help others.


In the old format, we could see how many days our friends hadn't visited Italki. After a few days, I asked my friends whether they are all right. I don't like this new Italki. None of my friends like this new format as well.


In the previous format, I got at least one correction for esch of my notebook entry, but know I can't get any correction. That is the most tribble thing.


No one is satisfied with the new italki. I really love the old one. Please give us back the old italki. Please please please roll back the site to the previous format. :(



I wish italki team could hear my voice and roll back the site to the previous format.

Correction*** terrible, each

"Not bad at all! No problems with it, except for the "last seen"/"last active" feature. They're gone now.
yes, the search bos was gone too. But it wasn't that helpful to me. I haven't used it once. ^^



Posted by koreannovice 22 hours ago"


that's just for starters, being able to see who is actually learning/studying/logging in/ you know.

I miss the older version. x_x

Perhaps it needed to take time to search our condition. So it was so slowly.

I dont have any thinkings about look. I had ever seen arts in whole white.

But functions...I have no idea.

I like the old one. I totally  agree with Sarah.

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