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learning Italian ''impossible''

I like Italian language....altough no one helped me so far but, I did't give up to find someone to

teach me . I feel it is impossible I don't know why?! Did anyone feel like this feeling before? and what happened?



I feel this way sometimes but I keep going. If someone can learn it, I know that I can too. It may take me forever but I will get there. :) 



What is your level ? what are you doing to learn italian, i think you are studying with a grammar books , do you know the main verbs essere e avere ? Can you understand something when you listen the italian audio ?, i recommend you a web site . It is built for a english speaker with  audio and text in english and italian, it is for a intermediate level , it is important listen more and more time. Let's try and let me know if you had improvments and maybe we might have a chat, good luck Simone

I would love to be your language partner

Learn a new language isn't difficult. The difference is that the italian language is less spoken relative to english.
The advice is that to follow the discussions here on italki, sent a invitation to an italian boy/girls that will help you with learning of italian language.

Good luck

Learning a new foreign language is never easy but not impossible, a little perseverance and patience with oneself will take you a long way. 

I would suggest to use your listening skills... starting up with a "silent period" where you just listen...if we look at babies they learn to produce language by hearing and parroting sounds, language learners need to practise listening in order to learn. That will reinforce your vocabulary..find music, podcasts, tv, etc so that you can listen, listen, listen..

Also what I always advice to students is don't have a "rigid thinking"... do not be harsh on yourself...if you are rigid and have low intolerance you might struggle when learning.. be patient with yourself, do not rush and of course until some type of native like fluency is achieved there will always be some type of abiguity. Pace yourself and do not rush. 

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