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World garden expo will be hold in this city from this May to August,in that expo ,different kinds of plants from different countries will be exhibition. Yesterday,a student from student union tell us if we want to be a volunteer at the World graden expo ,we must fill in a form and take an interview which focus on your appearance , language competence ,and psychological diathesis .

I want to be a voluntee,but i am always nervous easily , so i hope u can give me some advise.



I was a guy who used to get nervous esaily. However, after two years practicing, I am fine with it now. Maybe it's too late for you to get lots of chances to practice, but you can prepare yourself well and always tell yourself that you can make it. I think you can feel much better.

it is a big challegne for me ,so i hope i can prepare well before that interview.

In addition ,i want to practice my spoken english ,if you want to practice your Mandarinn  ,you can add my SKYPE ohipuss

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