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Americans and their lifestyles? 

Is there anything you have questions about? 

I think we should clear up any prejudices :]




Why don't ordinary people recycle in America? Perhaps only hippies and hipsters do???


- Why do you take the car to the convenience store when it's just a block or two away?
- Why do you have oversized shopping carts? Large families to feed?
- Why don't you have more walkable and bikable cities?
- Why do you have so many food deserts?

Actually, "ordinary" people do recycle in America.  Almost every state and municipality in the US has recyle laws which compel the separation of refuse into garbage, green waste, and recyclables.


People sometimes take the car to the convenience store when it's just a block or two away because they want to; or because the weather is bad; or because they will be unable to carry home on foot all the things they will buy; or because they are lazy.  I personally am glad that the first reason stated hasn't been made illegal yet.


I never noticed that American shopping carts are oversized, or are any larger than shopping carts I have seen in a dozen other countries.  However, in many countries people must buy their food in small installments and on an almost daily basis, due to the lack of adequate means of refrigeration and other means of food preservation.  In the US, it is possible to buy a week or two's foodstuffs and preserve them fresh.  A large shopping cart comes in handy for that.


Every American city that I am familiar with is "walkable," in the sense that there are vast systems of sidewalks where people can walk.  Many cities are not "bikable," and I believe the reason for that is the lack of space for bike paths that would provide sufficient safety to the bikers.


We do have many food desserts.  I suppose the reason for that is because people enjoy a variety of tastes and textures.  

Why americans don't want to know about the other countries, cultures and religions? Why they don't like to travel? We know most of americans die without going even the other city or state. And why they scare a lot from each other and other nations? Whey they have a prejudice that others are enemy.

Makdis, who told you that Americans don't want to know about the other countries, cultures, and religions? In fact, some do; some don’t, which is the way it is all over the world. And who told you Americans don’t like to travel? We are one of the most mobile people on Earth. About 25% of Americans (over 77 million Americans) have foreign passports, and about 65 million travel abroad each year. Many more travel to countries such as Mexico and Canada which do not require Americans to have a passport.


Your statement that “we know” most Americans die without even going to other cities or states is as inaccurate as saying the Earth is flat. Every year over 90 million Americans travel to different cities and states on vacation and business. About 8 million Americans move to a different state, and about 20 million more move to other cities.


And why are Americans afraid of other nations? And why are they prejudiced that others are the enemy? I don’t think Americans are afraid of other nations in general. But there are some other nations that have done Americans harm, or who would like to do them harm, and it is wise to be wary of them. And what you call a “prejudice”, other people may call a reasoned “judgment” based on fact and history.


Makdis, I respectfully suggest that you should be more careful in the future about making statements on subjects that you have obviously not studied or researched. And I would invite you to reflect on whether you, yourself, have been guilty of the very things you consider Americans to be guilty of: ignorance about other cultures, and prejudice.


Best wishes,



I wholeheartdly disagree with Neil and sympathasize with your critques. I feel the same about America being wasteful and slow to adjust with new ideas and ways to cut down. I will respond when I return from work.

Hi Clarissa, thanks to you.

I like a lot of people from U.S. I think many prejucious have been raised by some people, I think we should not generalize. I have some questions, I hope not to bother anyone.

My questions are:

How American society reacts to the tyranny of the government of the United States?
Civil society knows the U.S. government acts outside its borders?
People know the ambition for conquest and sovereignty on the poorest countries and smaller?
People can do something for the massacres carried out by the U.S. government secretly in countries with rich soil?

please I'm talking about the government, not about the people, the people are wonderful, I had the opportunity to deal with some of them, and they have been great with me.
no one country is perfect.

@Makdis57, you asked some very credible questions. I am still trying to answer many of them myself. There are too many Americans that think everyone should learn about the USA but some Americans can't be bothered to learn about other countries. I find it annoying that we Americans want other countries to cater to us for languages and yet we are unwilling to make the same accomodations here. Some parts of the U.S. people are more open-minded but there are large chunks of the US where people have not  traveled to another state let alone another country. The reasons vary from community to community, from anything to patriotism to income level to deep-seated race and religious beliefs.

@Viviane, because Americans are fat, lazy, and consume a lot of stuff. That is the answer to all of your questions lol.

I think I'm going to bookmark this page for later reference :) It seems the discussion will be an interesting one. the U.S is famous for being a melting pot so I'm not surprised by the differing views from Americans themsleves. It's rather kind of inetresting and I'm sure the rest of us will get better insights about how Americans think and about American lifestyle(s).  

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