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Would you please recommend me an English name?


Utill now,I still haven't got an English name. Would you please recommend me an English name? You can write an English name and explain what meaning it is. If I decide to choose it, I will write a postcard to thank you as long as you give me your address and  postcode. Thanks a lot!



Well, most People don't even know the meaning of their own Name... But if you want to choose yourself a new Name and want to know his meaning, I would recommend you go to this site ( ) and choose one you like. On this site you can see the meaning of most Names, where they come from and how they evolved through the centuries. :)




Cadence: This American name means musical beat.

Chantal: From the French verb to sing, Chantal is a beautiful name with many alternate spelling choices.

Carmen: means "song" in Latin.

Bethany: means house of music in Hebrew. 

Lorelei: in German legend, the Rhine maiden who lures men to their deaths with her song :)


I don't mind if you choose my name: Viviane (or another spelling like Vivian, Vivianne, Vivien or Vivienne). The most popular English spelling is probably Vivian, which doesn't work in my mother tongue - French - because it becomes a man's name without the 'e'. It means "vibrant and full of life".

You can choose "Channe" as a woman name. It inspires a litte bit from Chinese, Asian and a little bit from Western, Frenc. But I don't know what does it mean.

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