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I am so hungry now

soooooooooooo hungry , is there anyone can give me some suggections about which food is good to taste ............i have no idea what to eat now




I would go with popcorn, topped with melted butter and spices. I have a roasted chicken in the fridge so a chicken leg would work too.

go for oats,that is very healthy and easy to cook :)


Maybe you write this word .........suggestions

Being Hungry Makes You Healthy. So I suggest nothing ^^

do you guys like chinese food ? i had eat  some chinese dishes several times ago

instant noodles ; quick and easy!.

well, i like noodles  and poocorn  and rice ,  BTW ,i love dessert so much .


So what did you have (or what did you eat), Cathy?

i had eat chiense noodles ,Do you like it ?


I like flavored ramen noodles as a snack, but one portion has maybe 400 or 500 calories so I don't buy them often.

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