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قوي و جداً


In Egyptian 'amia, what's the difference between جداً and قوي?  When do you use one and when do you use the other?



قوي means strong or powerful

جدا means very

ther's no similarity between them for example:

that man is very strong>> الراجل ده قوي جدا

he is very tall>>هو طويل جدا



ps:اوي has the samemeaning of جدا


So would you say طعبان جداً  or طعبان قوي?


Hello, about your last sentence, it could be : تعبان جدا / I am too tired.




We use both of them to express the same meaning. 

تعبان قوي = تعبان جدًا = تعبان على الآخر = تعبان خالص = تعبان موت 

All are Egyptian slang

It's same meanz, both meaning " too much "


Thanks for the feedback :-)


Oh and yes, I understand that قوي is pronounced as اوي.  The books I've been using/reading include the ق in spelling, but also says that it is silenced. 


Thanks again.

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