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Teenage language partners

Are there any teens who would like to be language partners? Either English teenagers who can help eachother to improve their Spanish for their GCSE's or Spanish teenagers who want to learn English and help us to learn Spanish.






Hi I want improve my English and I can help you in your Spanish.

Sure, we could be language partners :)

me gusta mucho aprender espanol, pero tengo 39anos :)

I would gladly help you with your Spanish. I need some help with my spoken English.

Hi, I'd like to have language partners on italki. I'm studing to pass B2 level this year. I want to improve speaking English. I´m interested in meeting with English native people.We can chat or talk on Skype in each language (Spanish-English). Let me know if it suits you. All the best, regards. Juan David.

no soy adolescente, pero me gustaria ayudarte a aprender español

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