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can someone tell me what is the difference between Movie and Film? and also Home and House?



"Home" = includes your father, your mother, your brother/sisters/wife/husband... the membres of your family whom you live in a bulding

"House" = the building where you live with your family


"Home" = include tuo padre, tua madre, tuo fratello/sorella/moglie/marito... i mebri della tua famiglia con cui vivi in un edificio

"House" = l'edificio in dui vivi con la tua famiglia

you could try on google...!

Movie is an Amarican word, whereas Film is a British word!

Movie is an Amarican word, whereas Film is a British word!

Movie is a long sequence of pictures, while film is a smaller version

House is a place where we may live and it may not be our ownership, but house is a place where we live with ownership. Example rented place may be house but our own is home

I'm going to reiterate what Patry and Lili said and add a basic explanation:

There are a few varieties of English like American English (used in the States) , British English (in Britain), Australian English, etc.. They are basically similar but they have a few differences in terms of pronunciation (the "ei" in either, for instance, is pronounced /i/ (like in tea / see) in American English and /ai/ in British English (like in five/time).

In terms of vocabulary, an American would say “gas” while a British would say “petrol”.

As far as spelling is concerned, “neighbor” is American whereas “neighbour” is British.

Of course, this is a very basic summary. For more details, you can check this link:

So “movie” is American English.

“Film” is British English.

“House” usually refers to the physical setting, the building, the rooms, etc..

“Home” often implies a kind of emotional attachment to the house or place where you live.

So, if you don’t feel like home in a house, this means that you aren’t feeling comfortable in this house yet. You can check this link for a better explanation:

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