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What do you think of royalty?


For those from countries with elected heads of state what do you think about Royalty? Do you think it's ridiculous we still have Royalty in the 21 century? Or do you think it's good to have an imparcial head of state?


Personally I hate it. British politicians talk all the time of equality and social mobility so it seem hypocritical to have a family who take position as head of state simply because they were born into it and did nothing to merit it. Sadly though I seem to be in the minority in the UK.






very boldly quistion first, Dont think too much about such a thing!look for progress, I myself think its not abig deal whether to have a elected heads or not its important you have reltives freedome this the issue, i HOPE I COULD EXPRESSED WHAT I MEAN

I've never thought much of "Royalty".  One isn't above other people just because they were born in some privileged family. Kings and queens throughout history have always been oppressors and have basically looted the wealth from their "subjects".  It irratates me when I see people in the USA get all excited about royalty.


Hi Mimi, i always thought, english people were proud about Royalti, and i asked myself why ? because in the  XXI century is ridicolous that there are still king and queen and the whole court around them. i don't know a lot of english people but you are the first who tell that. I saw the movie "The queen" and i was surprised about the queen elisabeth and the primen minister tony Blair behaviour's. The first with her sense of superiority and the second, the prime minister electedby by people, subdued a one person who believe being over the normal people, just because born in a royal family. sure, that is a movie, a fiction, but i would have thought a different approach by the prime minister, do you confirm all the english people is so devoted to the Royal family or there are somebody sick of all this ?


From my experience most people don't have strong feelings either way. I think for foreigners who look at the British media they'd think we were obsessed with them. Every front page seems to have a story about what Kate is wearing or to report that she's still pregnant. That's British tabloids for you -superficial rubbish.


Some people argue that the Queen creates unity in the country with something like 80-90% of people approving of her, something uncommon for presidents to have. This is because she doesn't have opinions about anything or at least she doesn't let them be known so how can you disagree with someone who doesn't speak? The Queen is just like a figurehead is another argument people argue and doesn't have much power so it doesn't matter too much. All in all there isn't much support for changing the system.


I haven't watched the film "The Queen" so I'm not sure how they portrayed the relationship between the Queen and Tony Blair. It all happened behind closed doors so I'm not sure what it was like. I can't image Tony Blair being too subdued though. He's an incredibly narcissistic man. Then again I don't know what the Queen is really like.






"Royalty", hmm, the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word "royalty" is about an overrated and unnecessary old way of government, that needed to evolve into democracy; just thinking about giving one person that much power over the lives of many it's scary to me.


Now, about the people who were born into these families , these people who enjoy fortunes and have  "titles" (which I think it's meaningless), and , who get to wear fancy clothes and jewelry, thinking that people just love/admire/respect them , it's just silly, xD, believing that their lives matter to the "regular folks" , well that's just laughable in my opinion.


Well, to summarize, silly people wearing fancy clothes.


Good to know more about what people think about royality.

I've always wondered how the British people think of the royal family...


If the cost of keeping the system is more expensive than the revenues they produce, it doesn't make any sense.

As far as I know, they are financed mainly by public money, so they are living off on the taxpayers money in this economy! Wow. And they who go on a vacation on a cruiser and the newest member of the family enjoys the sun top-less? Who is supporting their lifestyle? Not me!

In my country we have the imperial family that are similar to the royal family in the U.K. They observe a very stoic (and ultra-conservative) lifestyle with very little freedom and strict rules which are meant to serve the people. The emperer is just a figure head here and the ligitimacy of the imperial family is up for debate in my country too, but he never makes selfish personal decisions like re-marrying to a mistress, or go on a luxuious vacation or letting thier kid proudly say "I killed a taliban."  

Personally I'm neutral on this issue. I think, practically speaking, the Imperial system has very little merits for the people, but they are acting like someone who are living off of taxpayers' money (i.e. very modestly) and they are suffering a lot in their role. Therefore I cannot be against them. They are doing the best they can to serve in the role they got by accident, and are also struggling to be the symbol of the unity of the Japanese people without doing anything... because it's much harder to be respected without doing anything. I mean how can just BEING a symbol earn respect, really.


I understood  British people can assume that royality is needed for their unity. It might be a symbol. But their powers and impacts are beyond of a symbol. Actually today's world is different from the 200 years ago. Royal family don't do anything for their nations and their government nowadays, they even don't pay any tax, they live in high standart without working and doing anyting even as a politically but they are duke, duchess, prince or princes since they born or married. I am not able to understand every event about royal family is announcing a big captions and all the media, British people and some other nations are getting excited for that event. Katie was a normal girl. She married and became a duchess of cambridge. How ridiculous! According to dominat media, as if everybody is a big curiosity about Katy's baby or Harry's soldierness in Afganistan or nudity in somewhere. They were so funny to me. I'm saying about British Royalty because they are so actual nowadays. There are other Royal families for example Monaco which is the same ridicuolusness. Actually, I'm irritated this kind of news but more than important is what, why and how British people can tolerate and bear that kind of absurdities.

In my opinion, royalty and royal familiy events have a big importance of Marketing of UK. I suppose of British people and governments bear the royalty only their marketing strategie. I don't think so the royalty has a big importance as a political figure or symbol. I don't belive that Royalty get keep unify of English, Scottich or Irland people. But they are reason of news, funny things of children, talking material of pale girls, idols of punk boys and maybe smiling face of UK. They are sympatics or made sympatic to all people. They are smiling, good looking, have kidness etc.These are all a marketing topics. Indeed, UK use Royalty to market UK wisely. UK politics and marketing strategie is understandable but what can we say the people who made use of these strategies.  

Royalty like in the UK is merely a tradition and I question its usefulness in today's world. It should probably be abolished.


@esach1234 Your assumption is wrong. The Royal Household published its public expenditure as £38 million last year however that's not including security and other services they take up. The Republic campaign worked out an estimate of £200 million per year of tax payers money.


Also why do Americans or indeed anyone need to feel a deep and cultural heritage? I think people in general need to stop being attached to the past and concentrate on the present and future.

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