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You Think You're Fortunate ?

Do you believe in fortune?

How much do feel fortunate ?


a little ?

none ?



Hi Sia. Yes, I do believe in fortune and luck.

How much do I feel I am fortunate?

hmmm.. A lot :) I believe I'm lucky because I met great people who eventually became very close friends. Lucky because my teacher of English was great and he inspired me to be a teacher, which is one of the most rewarding jobs ever, etc..

Needless to say that luck isn't the driving force in my life, though. I believe in hard work, perseverance and patience.


I do :) Everybody of us has got fortune but some of us can not understand it :)

Hi everybody) Sometimes I think that all my life is the product of Fortune. But it works only, if you don't bet on it specially. :)

much... :)

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