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what u think of indian life ??

india is the country of anciant civilization ,,still countinuing that civilizations?? they are still worshipping all animals . and birds ,, they are also their gods ...tell me about your views in this matter!!!!



I think India is diverse country. They have both ancient temples and highly developed cities. It's not correct to think that they wear only sari and worship different gods.

I just love it! wish to visit it one matter what they worship it is up to them and I do respect all religious ^^

I don't know much about Indian culture, but the little that I know about it, is that for the most part are very spiritual, and I think very smart. I am not clear about the religion. but I think it is worth a lot Indian culture for its history.
I don't like the representation of Indian culture in film, the movies represent an Indian, as a silly cow worshipers. bad!

Recently I watched the movie "The Life of Pi" beautiful movie.

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