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Photography in Egypt


Are there any issues with taking pictures in Egypt?  What about taking pictures of people on the street in a busy area to show what life is like in the country?



There is no problem, but if you wanted to take them some pictures you should ask them

I'm Egyptian and I get worried when some is in the street taking pictures. Specially if it's a guy.

I like photography in general and taking pictures of people on the street, especially where they look so different from the people I am used to meet because of clothes, colours (of skin and dresses) and face features is a great (inoffensive) pleasure.

like I take a picture of a church, a mosque or a person these will be great memories of my trip. I consider it inoffensive because I would never use any picture neither for making money nor for showing off

Last winter in Morocco, at the beginning I took many pictures of people on the street, sometimes as a background, sometimes as main subject of the photography.

The idea in Europe is that you are allowed to take almost any picture on the street, especially if people are not involved in anything they might be ashamed of, only few categories are protected, ie children, police.

I had no bad experience but after a while I realise that there is a major cultural difference in Arabic countries and I gave up shooting (pictures) on purpose to people - they really do not like this to happen.

That's what I do now - either I ask for permission or I only take locals as I would do in my country, as part of a composition, an open space like a square or as background of my family.

In some countries - I read - you might get in real trouble if you take pictures of people



Giacu, have you ever shot street life style photography?  It's not the people that I want to take pictures of per se, but the actions of daily life...which of course involves people.  There's enough nice architecture around and I'm sure some people who wouldn't mind posing for the camera, but I was also considering doing some street life if at all possible. 


Thanks for everyone's insights, opinions, and suggestions btw. 

I'm Egyptian and i have no problem any one to take some picture of me in the street but i prefere if you ask me first

I think u should ask them before taking photos

If you're a foriegner then it's ok because somehow foreigners here have uhh let me call it the "foreigner lisence" to break any rules:D

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