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learning egypt arabic

assalamu alaikum

 i am a dutch woman and i wish to improve my knowledge of egypt  arabian language as egypt is my other country.



Hi I possible teach you Arabic and you improve my English

ty ToTa that would be v nice :)

being muslim  i cant add male on my privat list when i dont know them, i am sorry

Hi I possible can teach you Arabic and  you improve my English

hey,I can teach u the Egyptian arabic :)

I think you should learn Arabic fosha then Egyption

shukran, ty all for the comments.

 for the record, i have a v little knowledge of arabic language,the alphabet, how to conjugate the verbs, some use of the suffix, and a list of words, some i know by heart and some i recognize but it is so different in egyptian arabic and that the speaking language of my other family and my friends in cairo, so thats what i want to learn first and most of all.

how do i start,what can i use from the things i already know, it is confusing.

hi i can teach arabic but you teach me english

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