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My profession

A lot of people always underestimate my work. They laughing behind my back, but I know - nobody can live without cleanness. All people living in cleanness and all animals need cleanness too. Every day.

When I was young, my father told me to be brave in searching of my own profession. He told me I need a lot of years to find, and in one day I will felt it. And this day came. When we went to zoo, I saw a guy near the cage with rhinoceros. This day changed my life.



Константин, and what happened next? Story is very interesting really)))))

sorry, but story ended.

Как жаль)))))))

I envy you ), I still did not understand what is my assignment

You're awesome!  People don't think that your job is a joke in America.  Zookeepers are always looked up to as having very cool jobs.

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