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A day ends and a day started and.......

A day finished and a day has just started and.......I fail to find a language partner! I follow some and some follow me BUT the problem no one likes to chat!!!! what to do ?  give me your point of view.


Does it happen with you?




Here's what you should do.  When you follow someone, or someone follows you, you should exchange a message with them.  Ask them if they're available to chat (italki, Skype, Google, etc.) and if so when.  Make a date and there you go. :-)

Thanks Bilal!

I love to chat, but I find that the time difference between me and most of my friends is the biggest problem. Most of the time, my friends are online when I'm at work. By the time I get home, they've been in bed a few hours. The other problem really isn't a problem depending on how you look at it. I'm married and have responsibilities to my wife, such as making her dinner, watching TV with her, and attending church with her. She's handicapped, so we watch live online church services from other parts of the US. Last fall, we even watched live church services from Tokyo together.


Somehow I do find some time to chat with friends and help my non-English speaking friends with English, which I enjoy doing :-)

I have the exact same problem :D

But I can help if you want to learn Arabic and I can also improve my English. 


I have same problem.Well,I usually chat with ones who I found on other websites.:-( 

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