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I want to learn travel Thai conversation for Bangkok Trip next month

I would like to shopping in Bangkok, I need to learn Thai and get good price^^

If you want to learn Chinese and you can teach me Thai.

Please don't hesitate to contact me~Let's start learning together!




I know wat u want ..  Cuz i ve just came back from there.. And I also learned the basic converstations for shopping .. But u know wat that didnt help alot.. Its better to speak English there.. They will understand u and give the right price u want.. U will only speak abour numbers if shopping.. But if u need any guide i could tell u and if u want to know wat i learned i can also tell u.. If ur interested reply with a msg ... Thank U .. BYE :)

Thanks for your recommendation.^^

Welcome to Thailand, of course I can teach you thai for some shopping consersations and more. Now I'm learning  chinese by myself. Zhongwen hen nan, so we can be friends.

Hi, I'm Thai named Rei. I live in Bangkok and can help you about the conversation for shopping.

Actually, I don't want to learn Chinese, but it isn't a problem, I can teach you Thai :)

i replied so late , right? haha

you maybe arrived Thailand already....however, i can teach u Thai if u want.. i can speak Chinese a little bit :)

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