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Lets learn Korean and English:3

Hi You want to learn english or Korean like me, then join im sure we will learn something new <3 x



I would like to join you, I'm interested in Korean too and I want to improve my English ^^

i want to improve my English too ^^''

I want join u too i want learn korean ^^

I would like to join you please :) I want to learn korean. I can't wait to sart ^^

Hey~! I'm learning Korean. I can help and be helped ^_^ I want to join you!

Hehe Yay I'll be happy to help you learn English and i really want to learn Korean<3 Is there something that will be easier to talk on because altalki is kinda slow na doesn't allow chats? :3 x Cant wait to get started 

Annyeonghaseo...i also want to learn can i join with you guys?? :)

wow, i've been looking for something like this. i want to join too, i want to learn Korean. hwaiting!!!


i wanna join too.....:)

I would like to join. I am learning korean all ready but I would really like to improve it :) 

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