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Would you take an italki lesson with a teacher?

Everyone is using this site for language learning.


Would you take a lesson with an italki teacher?


Why or why not?


Have you taken a lesson and what is your experience?




I've gone through a few teachers. Some of mine have been positive, while others so-so. The main gripe was that either they weren't really that qualified to teach the language they claim (which is always the risk one takes when paying uncertified teachers) or there was a lack of enthusiasm on their part. Sure, desire should stem from the student, but there's something to be said about feeling/being empowered to pursue a language long-term based on your academic experiences.

Yes I would! The problem is I don't know how. Will somebody help to find me a teacher? I'm new here:)

No, I can't see how it would be more productive than developing long-term relationships with language partners.


I have never taken a lesson here, and I think italki needs to get involve more to promote the system if they want to start producing solid revenues in a start-up language-learning company like this.

First, little info about the teachers is disclosed. Each profile does not show that their backgrounds of education have been actually verified by italki. Italki should be responsible for double-checking the info those professional teachers provide, so that students can feel safe choosing their teachers. 


Also, teachers should be more active if they are hoping to get more students. For example, upload a video of part of his/her trial lesson just to show a glimpse of how it's like and paste the URL or,

if a student asks a question about a trial, the teacher interviews the student of his/her level, objectives etc. and submits a proposal or a lesson plan beforehand to see if it will cater to the student's needs.

In short, some kind of structure needs to be presented to students. Right now things look so fragmented to me and the whole system is not enticing. 


In my case, I'm willing to pay a teacher who is a competent language "consultant" who can provide comprehensive support, rather than an "expert" who is knowledgeable about what they teach, or a "doctor" who can analyze problems and present solutions. From what I've seen, I don't know who can do that simply because there is little info. I'd like to know more specifically about the teaching styles they have and how each lesson is proceeded. Do they have communication skills? Coaching skills? Counseling skills? Can they back it up by experience? What are some of their successful cases? 



Thank you all for this wonderful feedback.

Sam Bleakly

I don't still have had the pleasure to take and plane sessions with teacher on italki.
I think that it was still soon to make it. My strategy now is that follow the discussions , try understand and make a conversation on the chat.

Dear teachers, I'll see soon

That is a good strategy, but you should also take a lesson with a teacher and see.

Hi Sam

When i'll have more confidence with the english language, I'll take lessons with the teachers presents on italki.
Do you want to be my teacher in future?



I regularly take language lessons. I always read feedback about teachers, their score, what do they do on lessons. And I write feedback too, so that could help other students. 


Some of the teachers are wonderful, they know how to teach, and they prepare themselves before lessons. But I had a bad experience as well, for example, when a community tutor talked to me using a mobile phone (via Skype) and didn't listen to me, didn't ask me questions, so I felt like I'm speaking to a wall. Or another teacher all my paid 1-hour lesson was telling me about his life, and he didn't start to teach me at all. 

I've never taken on-line lessons before, but I did learn to speak English on my own so I guess my opinion counts for something.


I wouldn't take a lesson because for me the best way to learn would be to simply just find someone with common interests and chat, even if neither of us have any knowledge of the language (that's why we have google translate haha). I think you learn the basics pretty fast that way.


But maybe I would if I was more advanced and looking for a planned preperation for a test or something, though in that case I would probably just find a school in real life.

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