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fraud messages

Wow, they finally reached this place!

Um, I got this message from laurababy20 ( :

HI Dear please email me so that i will reply and tell you more about me and to know you more, i cant chat now becuz i dont have the time now ok, i am waiting for your mail now, (


It was quite annoying in Livemocha and there was no help but to put those users in ignore list. I wonder if staff can do anything about it..



sorry for off topic, let's see if I can translate it to Korean and practice my writing skills^^;;


why am I so nervous every time when I try to write something in Korean?;;;


참, 사기 메세지가 여기도 생겼네~

아까 laurababy20 에서 그런 메세지를 받았다

(메세지 본문)


Livemocha웹사이트에서 그런 메세지가 진짜 귀찮았어ㅜㅜ 그 메세지 쓴 사람들을 무시 리스트에 넣는 수 밖에는 방법이 없었어. 여기에 사기 메세지 문제를 해결할 수 있는지 궁금해~


반말로 써서 미안해요^^

Hi Jack,


I'm support staff for italki.


Thank you for reporting this, I have banned this account. And we are working on a permanent solution to making sure that these people no longer register.

Wow, that was quick! Thank you Sam!

ps: you had my daily attention, now you have my favor! ;)

All in a days work.  :)  Thank you for your continued support and patience.

I almost forgot, there is a button you can use to report these spammers.  Click on their profile and there is a report button beneath their profile picture.  Please use this and tell other users about this function.

Hi Jack. Thanks for bringing up the issue. I don't think it is off-topic as this is contextualized learning :) It's important that we talk about this problem as often as we can. This issue is not new. In fact, I came across spammers in almost every major social networking website. Those people usually target websites with large communities as the chances of tricking an unwary person is higher. So, the more we talk about it the better. I think one rule of thumb is whenever you receive a message with an email address in it, do not hesitate to report it as Sam mentioned. Prevention is better than cure!

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