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What topics do you use for language exchange?

When you are exchanging languages?  What are some things that anyone can talk about?


I like to talk about food, colors, and pets.


What do you like to talk about?



Many times I just took one topic from the "discussion" in Italki.


Any topic, for example: life , work, music, movies , hopic , travel , thinking, learning Chinese problems, finicial management, news...etl~~~~.

It depends on my level in the language. In Spanish I can discuss more complicated things, so I like to talk about politics, culture, news, that sort of thing. In Chinese, though, I stick with more basic things like family, friends, work, and food.

I like talking about Many topics: Argentinian culture, jobs, economics, politics, travel, etc... 

Hi Sam

I like to talk about a lot of things. In the community of italki there are some discussions very interesting. Here the guys talk about all.
I am very angry because i found Italk so late.....

Any kind of topic is acceptable. Normally ı m so talkative person but when it comes to english ı have tough times to find a topic. so ı better choose to join late for a discussion then ıt comes much more easy to talk on it


I think it depends on the person who you're talking with. I manage to talk about different topics like cultures, food, places, travel, music,etc.  Normally I'm very talkative person. 

Food is one of my favourite topics too!

I like to talk about the feelings of life .... I like to share what I feel ... sometimes the days and situations are so stressful that you need to vent.


I like talking about music, foods, movies and some funny things happened in daily life.

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