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Please HELP?!?!

Hello. My name is Ananya, and I want to practice Farsi as much as I can. Skyping is not convenient for me but I can send audio files of certain phrases. I am also fluent in English so I can help anyone who is helping me with Farsi. Anyone who is interested, please leave a comment. Thank you!




my name is ahmita, persian

i love to speak in english and can teach you Farsi.



hi I'm Hasti,

I'd like to help u with ur persian ;)


I will be glad if I can help. because after all, it is the very reason of this community.

hello, fell free to ask your questions from me.

dear Ann,

my name is tara , and i am native in Parsi , you can ask me any quastion .

Hi,I'm shakiba,I'm Iranian,I can help you to learn farsi.
I'm learning English and I need help.

hi,I'd like to help u :)

u can count on me man!


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