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Where would you go?

If you could choose to visit any place in the world, where would you choose?

Why would you choose that place?





I've been studying Portuguese and have fallen in love with the language and the culture of Brazil.  It is #1 on my list. 

Toward Lena:  Yea, Australia sounds nice

Toward jlaze002:  I lived in Brasil for about 6 months.  It is really nice there.  You can find a lot of nice people there, as well as some who will be nice to your face once they find out you are American (I was told that many hate Americans; but the only one I met that did had his heart changed by God).  haha...  It is good that you are learning Portuguese.  There are a lot of people who don't speak English.  Two foods I miss(saudades<3): pão de queijo...and açaí (I think Açaí with strawberries and granola is better than it with bananas...but you can be your own judge.)  Hope you get to go soon!

i wanna go to germany and study there  :)

i would love to go to antarctica, to explore and see the beauty of the place and see the penguins...



Hi Bria


There isn't a place in a world that isn't beatiful....I like the places of sea as Italy where , in particular on the south of italy , there are some seaside more beautiful of the world.

Have you never visited Italy? I advice you to go to visit it

South Korea :-)! I am currently trying to learn Korean so that I can go there for maybe 1-3 years after my study. Love the language, food, fashion, culture and people!


Where do you wanna go?

Toward feriel: Germany, wow!  I hope you get to go, sounds exciting!


Toward sandra512001: Antarctica, huh?  Maybe you will find a hidden treasure :)  Hidden treasure doesn't just mean money.


Toward gaetano: My aunt and her family used to live in Italy.  They liked it there.  I wanted to visit but never got the chance.  haha my sister went though :( haha I think she stopped in Germany for a day too.  Yea, I'm a little jealous...haha but it's good that she got to go.

Toward Kumiho: South Korea! I want to go to Korea too. I think the sound of Korean is comforting haha...I learned a little. After I learn Mandarin maybe I will go back to learning Korean. I want to go to China, Korea, Japan, Barbados, Norway, back to Brazil, Poland, and some other places. I have different reasons for wanting to go to those places. A couple simple reasons (but not all) are:
China: walk along the Great Wall; lantern festival
Korea: just because I like Korea..haha
Japan: watch the sakura (cherry blossoms bloom)
Barbados: my ancestry
Norway: visit my friends
Brazil: I am craving Açaí and Pão de Queijo
Poland: visit friends
Other places: many reasons haha


I wanna go to China too but learning Mandarin is maybe too hard, or is it?

So I see you kinda want to travel the world :)?

Learning a language in some respects is only as difficult as you make it.  I believe you could learn Mandarin! ^^ Yes, I really find delight in traveling.  I would enjoy visiting places all over the world.

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