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I need to improve english my listening and speaking.How can i improve my listening and speaking?



Hi dear

You can watch movies without subtitles...listen to music (in English) with lyrics ( in English) so you can improve your pronunciation, you can also watch the news read books that will really help you to improve you vocabulary and fluency.

I hope it to help you ;)

Talk more, listen more, speak more.  It will help.

this website has a lot of tv series in english (with turkish subtitles)

this website has tv channels by country, so you can watch tv from australia, canada, the u.s., etc.


for speaking, just try speaking it with people as much as possible! especially with native speakers

You  are  vevry  beautiful

Here you can find English audio books for reading and listening

You can try this website :

There is a topic called "6 minute english", from it you can improve your listening and vocabulary.



Listen, listen and listen...

We are like babies when we're learning a new language, so at first you need to listen a lot...

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