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who can teach me chinese



how are you all?

I am a native speaker in Arabic, and I do speak French and English. I live in Marrakech Morocco's city.

I would like to learn Chinese, can you teach me?





I'd love to help you with your Chinese, I'm a Chinese teacher.

hello,i'm very glad to teach your mandarin,and i'm free,although i'm not chinese teacher,but my chinese is good,hope to make friend you with me.we can exchange english and chinese.

I'm from China,I can speak english also.of course I can  teach you  Chinese .Hope to see you.


Thank you everyone I am so glad to know you want to help me with my chinese. You can add me on skype: soki.souka


你好,I am a Chinese student studying Arabic in Beijing Foreign Studies University,I can teach you Chinese ,help you learn about Chinese culture ,and you kan teach me Arabic and English .Can I add you on skype?


hello,  I am a native Chinese teacher online, I can teach you and I also like to  make more freinds who are interested in Chinese learnng.

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