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Finding Partner

Who want to learn English??Please contact me .I am a Chinese,and I can help you in China.



hello,i want to learn english

Who wants to learn English? Please contactme (her). I am a Chinese girl and I can help you in China.


I want, you want, he/she/it wants. Who wants, he wants :)...

Question? one question mark.

Chinese man, Chinese girl, Chinese person, Chinese .... noun, or "I am Chinese", I am tall, I am short, ...


sentence. <space> New Sentence. Full stop, then space.

Generally no comma before "and". (Long arguements about the oxford comma, aside.)

... You can call me a troll if it makes you feel better.

. Study hard, Wendy, soon you will be good.


Poor poor Wendy,,,You let me know all of my mistakes.Thank you very much.It is so kind of you.Please let me know more.I had add you.

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